The Earthen Pot and The Brass Pot

The Earthen Pot

and The Brass Pot

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful stream that flowed by a stony hill. A small village stood by this stream and the people of this hamlet used its water for their daily needs.

One day, two women started to gossip and forgetful of their belongings, both of them left their pots by the stream. One of the pots was of brass, another of earthenware.

When the tide rose, the swollen waters carried off both the pots downstream. The earthenware pot struggled to keep itself away from the brass one. Seeing this, the brass pot called out to the earten pot:

“Why are you afraid, my friend? I will not strike you.”

The earthen pot replied, “That is allright. But if I come too close to you, I will break. You are too tough and I am so weak.

Whether I hit you, or you hit me, I shall be the one to suffer for it.”

The strong and the weak cannot keep company.